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ABOUT Prayer

Our Vision for Prayer at St Paul's Church, Great Baddow.


As a church community, we aim to have prayer underpin all we do.
Our vision is to deepen personal relationships with God, as we pray for others,
for our church, and for the world beyond our walls. 


We believe that as Church, we exist to glorify God. We pray as an act of worship.

We play a part in seeing God's Kingdom come; in our lives, in our local area and in the world.
We pray for change, for peace and for God's will to be done.

We pray to reach out, to gather, to nurture and to disciple.
We pray for people to come to know Jesus, to feel loved, to belong and to grow in faith. 


We pray to draw near to God's presence, to proclaim Him Lord of our lives.
We take time to say sorry and to forgive others.
We ask the Spirit to search us and change us, seeking to be transformed so we are more like Jesus.
We ask for things that we need, and for the needs of others. 


We pray in different ways:

Loudly, quietly, silently

All together, in groups, alone

Inside or outside

Moving around or being still

Using words or actions, or none at all

When we celebrate, are happy, or thankful

When we are questioning, frightened, or feeling low

We pray for protection 

We pray that the Holy Spirit is at work in us


We encourage one another to pray.
We desire those of all ages to learn new things about prayer.
We teach our children and young people to pray, and set them an example.
We aim to make our prayers inclusive and accessible for all. 

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