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Aside from our Sunday services, there's lots going on within the  St Paul's family:

'Last Orders' is our mens' fellowship, which meets simply to have a drink at
The Running Mare  on the last Monday of the month. We meet from after 9pm.

'Loftineers Social Club' is our weekly club for the retired. We meet every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm-3pm. Contact Rev Phil for details.

Fellowship Groups –  meet during the week to support each other and, from the Bible, learn how we can live life to the full. Contact Rev Phil for details.

'Ladies' Pudding Evenings' are run every couple of months, and are always a fun way to gather socially around a theme and a selection of fine desserts!

'Saturday Fry-Up' meets every couple of months at the Toby Carvery in Chelmsford from 8.30am, for a Men's Breakfast: a chance for guys to hang out together and start Saturday off with a hearty meal!

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